Tough times call for tough measures. Most of us are looking for ways to cut down on our household expenses. Saving water and maintaining your current plumbing system may be just the way to start!

Preventing further damage will save you in the long run too. So tighten those belts and let us guide you through five ways to save your wallet right now, AND in the future!

Preventing Plumbing Headaches

There are tons of articles on-line all designed to save you time and money with DIY plumbing tips and quick fixes, however there are times where those DIY fixes of yours go pear shaped. It is important to note that not all DIY solutions will be a long-term solution to the problem. Before we give away some free plumbing tips ALWAYS take the time to jot down the number of a trusted plumbing company just incase things don’t go quite according to plan. Better be safe than sorry…

#1 Inspect your toilet

Toilets are one of those essential household plumbing fixtures that use a lot of water. Therefore, it makes sense to keep these plumbing tips close by to keep your toilet in tip-top shape!

Sounds coming from your toilet are never a good sign… you may have a main drain problem, especially if you are living in an older house with a main drain made of clay. Roots may penetrate your pipes and cause blockages and added pressure. Be sure to contact your plumber as soon as your toilet makes gurgling sounds before your main drain breaks.

Another check to do with your toilet is to look for water leaking slowly into the bowl. Add a few drops of food colouring into the water tank and check to see if the coloured water has seeped into your toilet bowl within 15 to 30 minutes. If this happens, your toilet is leaking and you will have to call a plumber in to fix the leak sooner rather than later. Obviously, the most thorough way to check for problems with your flushing mechanism, flow issues, or hidden leaks is to have an experienced plumber do a thorough check of your toilet, especially if your toilet is over 10 years old. It may even be worth considering replacing an old toilet with an eco-friendly one that uses far less water and will give you fewer hassles over time.

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#2 Check and upgrade those outdated faucets

Have you ever wondered how much water is wasted per day through a dripping tap? A staggering 757 liters are lost per day through a dripping faucet. Get into the habit of double-checking your taps to make sure that they aren’t dripping and if they are fully closed, yet still leaking, it’s time to replace them. Plumbing tips like these will save you a small fortune in the long run.

Not only will new faucets give your kitchen or bathroom a facelift, they will also help to control how much water is passing through them and reduce water flow by 30% or more. If unsure of how to install new faucets, it is a great idea to get your favorite plumber in to fit them professionally. Long term, you will not look back!

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#3 Be kind to your drains

We all know by now that pouring grease/oil down your drain is a big NO-NO! But do you know why? As food grease cools it solidifies. This will cause the grease to stick to the lining of your drainpipes and create build-ups over time which can only lead to trouble. A sticky, clogged, stinking drain! Add to that bits of food particles from your dinner plates that have not been scraped off effectively and you have yourself a problem!

One of the most effective plumbing tips we can give you right now is to rather allow oil to be soaked up by toilet paper or paper towel and throw it into the dustbin. Solidified food grease can also be wiped up with paper towel and thrown away. If you are ‘green conscious’ how about putting those oil-soaked paper towels into a bag or box and use them as firelighters for your next braai?

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#4 Replace your ancient geyser with a gas geyser

One of the quickest and easiest ways to save electricity is to replace your old school geyser with a gas geyser. There are many benefits to a gas geyser (gas is cheaper than electricity for instance) but one of the main benefits is that water will come out hot instantly, saving water AND electricity.

Replacing your geyser may seem like a pricey exercise upfront but think of the long-term benefits. Think of the money saved on water and electricity. It just makes sense!

#5 Find and fix hidden leaks

Have you wondered why your water account is still high despite your best water-saving efforts? It could be that you have a hidden leak. To find out if you do have a leak that could be adding to your bill, turn off any appliances that use water and turn off each tap. Check your water meter to see if it is running. If it is running, it’s a sure sign that you leak somewhere on your property. Contact a plumber to locate the leak as soon as possible before it gets any worse.

In conclusion, if you have done all your checks and have noticed problems, your best port of call is to contact your trusted plumbing professional. Having an expert fix your plumbing problems early on will help to ensure that you aren’t spending large amounts of money further down the line.

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