Bathroom renovations provide a unique opportunity to transform ordinary bathrooms into spa-like getaways. Luxury hotels are famous for their beautiful bathrooms that always leave guests feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. With our top 7 tips, you can create a luxurious bathroom at home without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations are an excellent way to introduce luxury into your home and create an atmosphere of relaxation, indulgence, and comfort. Renovations can uplift and transform any bathroom space into a luxurious retreat that provides a calming and soothing experience for every user.

Apart from the obvious aesthetic improvements, bathroom renovations offer many practical benefits, such as increased functionality, storage, and energy efficiency. A well-designed bathroom renovation can elevate the value of your home and even provide a positive ROI, making it a worthy investment.

Luxurious Bathroom Renovations

7 Luxury Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With a little imagination and planning, you can create an oasis of relaxation in the comfort of your own home. Here are 7 bathroom renovation ideas to inspire you:

1.  Add a free-standing bath

When it comes to beautiful bathroom designs, adding a free-standing tub is an excellent option. Nonetheless, before you become too eager about this possibility, it is crucial to consider the space available in your bathroom. You may want to consult your designer or contractor regarding whether a stand-alone tub will fit the room’s layout and evaluate what is needed for installation.

It is essential to note that a clawfoot, pedestal, or freestanding tub will require an additional space of at least 15cm end-to-end to fit comfortably. Anything less than this measurement could make the bathroom appear cramped. Our usual recommendation to clients is to allow at least 15cm on both ends of the tub. Ideally, a free-standing tub should resemble a piece of furniture rather than a squeezed-in addition to the bathroom.

2. Upgrade your lighting

When considering lighting options for your bathroom remodel, the conventional approach is to install a light above the vanity. While these lights can add allure with their ornate designs and luxury finish, most do not provide a significant upgrade from standard, “builder’s grade” lighting fixtures.

In your quest to upgrade your bathroom’s lighting, think like a designer and think of exciting bathroom decor ideas. Do you want lighting with a dimmer switch so you dim the lights for a relaxing bath, or perhaps you want to add a touch of class with a chandelier? Whatever you decide, lighting is an excellent way to add character to your bathroom renovations.

Luxurious Bathroom Renovations

3. Choose a statement vanity

Investing in a well-designed vanity is an essential aspect when upgrading your bathroom. It’s the centrepiece of the room and will be used the most. We highly recommend allocating more of your budget to this area to achieve a luxurious look that caters to your unique needs.

Customising your vanity with bespoke wood cabinetry will ensure you have plenty of drawers and suitable storage options to cater to your specific requirements. Additionally, you could consider upgrading to a quartz or marble countertop for a polished and sophisticated finish.

4. Upgrade your showerhead & add body jets

Elevate your showering experience by replacing your current builder’s grade shower head with a rainfall showerhead, offering several water flow options, such as waterfall functions and jet options. You can select from a range of finishes, including chrome and matte black.

For those willing to invest in an even more luxurious upgrade, consider installing body jets in your shower. However, before committing to this addition, we suggest testing them out to ensure you like them. You could ask a friend who already has them or even book a night at a hotel that has body jets in their shower.

5. Retile your bathroom from floor to ceiling

When considering bathroom design ideas that add a touch of opulence, we recommend introducing beautiful tiles to add texture and elegance to a luxurious bathroom. Combining floor and wall tiles can set the stage for a breathtaking effect, with glossy finishes selected to reflect natural light and a slip-resistant matt finish for the floor tiles, creating a dramatic contrast.

You could also consider large marble tiles with fine veining for the walls and stone for the flooring to add textural contrast. Although these tiles are expensive, if you are looking to add that spa-like feel, tiling can make all the difference.

6. Purchase the luxury towels & install a heated towel rail

Luxury bathroom designs deserve plush, high-quality towels that are soft and fluffy to the touch. Those thin and scratchy towels simply won’t do. Emulate the elegance of a high-end hotel by selecting organic Egyptian cotton towels available in oversized, plush styles and choosing colours that match the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Furthermore, heated towel rails are an excellent addition that will keep your towels warm and cosy throughout the year. Adding this feature will provide a spa-like experience right at home, as you can drape yourself in warm fluffy towels when you step out of the tub.

Luxurious Bathroom Renovations

7. Add plants or natural finishes

Finally, adding plants to your bathroom is a great way to bring life and balance into your bathroom renovations. You could install shelving and have creeping plants cascade over the edge, or if you have the space add a large plant that enjoys a humid environment.

Alternatively, you could include natural stone or wood into the space through cabinetry or by creating a pebble feature around the bathtub. The best bathroom designs use these natural touches to not only create a soothing atmosphere but also to add a spa-like experience to your bathroom renovations.

Bathroom Renovations: 5 Essential Considerations

We know you are excited to get started on your luxury bathroom renovations, but before you start, we recommend considering the following factors:

  1. Know your budget: Decide how much you can afford to spend on your bathroom renovations and ensure you give yourself a 10% buffer in case something goes wrong or an item you really want is more expensive than anticipated.
  2. Have a clear vision: Know what aesthetic you want to achieve and put together a Pinterest board or create a mood board using pages from home and bathroom interior design magazines. You can then show your bathroom ideas to your contractor to ensure you are both on the same page, and they can offer advice on what is possible within your budget.
  3. Be flexible: Knowing how much space you have to work with in your bathroom will allow you to make important decisions about what will fit in your bathroom and what won’t. If you have too little space for a free-standing bath, don’t worry; spend the money on other luxury fittings instead.
  4. Use a reputable contractor: We have all heard horror stories about building contractors, and that is why it is crucial that you use a reputable contractor. Ask your contractor for references and check their reviews online.
  5. Check you don’t need planning permission: Speak to your contractor and ensure you don’t need to apply for any planning permission from your municipality to complete your luxury bathroom renovations.
Luxurious Bathroom Renovations

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