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    Burst pipe? Rising water bill?

    Nothing is more agonising than the money wasted due to unnecessary water leaks. We know the anxiety you feel when you tear open your water bill to see it has tripled in the last month. Or the stress you feel when you hear the sound of rushing water pouring out of a burst pipe in your ceiling on a Sunday evening. 

    Skip the stress and the mess!

    Absolute Plumbing Cape Town offer professional leak detection services that will quickly and effectively detect a leak on your property. Our team of professional plumbers will conduct a thorough inspection of your home, office or building to pinpoint your leak accurately. We use non-invasive state of the art leak detection methods meaning we can find your leak fast without disturbing your home unnecessarily.

    Leak Detection | Absolute Plumbing


    Leak detection may be necessary if your plumbing has started to leak for the following reasons; Corrosion (due to age or rust), high water pressure putting strain on your pipes, tree roots that burrow their way through cracks in pipes to gain access to a plentiful water supply, shifts in your foundation that can burst a pipe or even extreme cold weather can cause pipes to crack and begin to leak.

    Routinely checking your home or office for leaks is a great way to avoid large water bills or costly repairs. We recommend checking your home or office at least twice a year or more frequently in older buildings with ageing infrastructure. If you suspect a leak, give Absolute Plumbing a call and we will send out our expert Leak Detection Cape Town specialists and have your plumbing back up and running in no time.

    Leak Detection In Cape Town


    Call Absolute Plumbing today for stress-free leak detection in Cape Town.

    We use state of the art non-intrusive leak find methods to trace hidden leaks within your walls, floors, slabs, ceiling and even underground leaks. Depending on the type of leak you have, we will either use thermal imaging, hydrogen gas leak detection, acoustic leak detection or dye to uncover all hidden leaks within your home or office.

    Save Money

    We offer fast, efficient and thorough leak detection services in Cape Town with no hidden costs.

    Less Mess

    Our leak find methods save time as there is no need for endless digging and chopping away at tiles, floor boards or ceilings.

    Save Time

    Our non-invasive leak detection methods mean we can find your leak quickly and fix it swiftly.

    No Stress

    Our team of friendly and punctual plumbers are dedicated to providing you with a reliable and professional leak detection Cape Town service.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    • Your water bill has risen even though your water use habits haven’t changed.
    • The flow indicator on your meter moves when water isn’t in use.
    • You hear the sound of running/hissing water when nothing is turned on.
    • Warm spots on the wall or floor
    • Wet, spongy or discoloured walls or floors
    • Rising damp
    • Mould or mildew growth in other rooms besides your bathroom, especially around the base of your shower.
    • Peeling/flaking/bubbling of paint on the walls 
    • Vegetation/grass growing unevenly around your pool.

    Leak detection is a process used by professional plumbers to determine if and where a leak has occurred in your home, office, building, garden or pool. Absolute Plumbing offers you state of the art leak detection in Cape Town; our four main detection methods are:


    1. Leak Detection with Thermal Imaging: Our plumbers operate a handheld device designed to find hot water leaks in your walls, ceilings and floors.
    2. Hydrogen Gas Seeking Machine: Hydrogen gas is pumped through your pipes, and a snooper sniffs out gas escaping from the origin of your leak. Hydrogen gas molecules are so small they can permeate through soil and asphalt.
    3. Acoustic Leak Detection: Tiny microphones are used to detect a leak by picking up the sound of running water or water hissing out of a tiny hole at high pressure.
    4. Leak Detection Dye: A small amount of brightly coloured dye is placed into your plumbing system. When this dye circulates through your plumbing, it escapes at leak sites, highlighting your leak’s location. This is an excellent leak detection method to find leaks in your shower.

    Absolute Plumbing offers hassle-free underground leak detection services that are guaranteed to find your leak. Here are our 3 tips on how to detect a leak in your home:


    1. Check your water meter: Turn off taps, dishwasher and washing machine. Locate your water meter and look for the low flow indicator. This is usually a little wheel or triangle that spins when water is running through the meter. If the low flow indicator is still, you probably don’t have a leak. If the low flow indicator is spinning, you have a leak. Don’t wait; you need Absolute Plumbing to conduct a leak detection immediately.
    2. Check for a leak in your toilet: Drop a few drops of food colouring into the cistern of each of your toilets. Make sure that you add enough to stain the water significantly. Wait for 30 minutes, don’t flush the toilet. After 30 minutes, check the colour of the water in the bowl; if it is not crystal clear, you have a leak. Don’t wait! Leaking toilets waste over 30 000 litres of water which can be as much as an added R2000 on your water bill.
    3. Take a look at your water bill: Compare your water bills over the last six months to see if your monthly usage has increased rapidly. Your bill should remain consistent, provided you haven’t changed your water use habits. If your water bill has risen slowly over time or skyrocketed suddenly, then it’s likely that you have a leak. Call Absolute Plumbing immediately to conduct a thorough leak detection.

    Here are our 4 leak detection tips on how to detect a leak in your pool or jacuzzi. If you notice any of the following about your pool or jacuzzi, you need to call Absolute Plumbing immediately as you may have a costly leak in your swimming pool.


    1. Cracks in your pool deck, shell or tiling
    2. Losing more than 4mm of water from your pool, jacuzzi or spa in a 24 hour period
    3. Rapid algae growth after chemically treating your pool
    4. Uneven grass/vegetation growth around your pool

    Pool leak detection requires professional assistance and should only be performed by a registered plumber. Regular maintenance and keeping a close eye on your for signs of a leak are the only way to avoid costly leaks in your pool, jacuzzi or spa.

    Plumbing leak detection is best left to professional plumbers, but here are a few tips, just for you, on how to detect a leak in a wall:


    1. Warm patches on your wall due to a hot water leak
    2. Black or brown spots on the wall could mean mould and mildew have begun to grow
    3. Bubbling, peeling, stained or discoloured paint
    4. Wet spots on the wall or small puddles collecting on the floor
    5. The sound of running water, dripping water or hissing water escaping from a small hole under high pressure.
    6. A musty smell in the room

    A water leak detector is a leak detection system designed to monitor how much water is flowing through a pipeline. This house leak detection device is designed to spot a leak, close the valve and cut off the water supply before there is a massive loss of precious water.

    Leak Detection



    Once our leak detection is complete, we will provide you with a quote for repairs, and a plumbing report for your insurance or local council as proof of a concealed leak. We provide Leak Detection In Cape Town as well as the surrounding areas: 

    South Peninsula

    Muizenberg, St James, Kalk Bay, Clovelly, Fish hoek, Sun Valley, Capri, Faerie Knowe, Kommetjie, Noordhoek, Simonstown and Scarborough

    Southern Suburbs

    Woodstock, Maitland, Observatory, Bishops Court, Rondebosch, Newlands, Claremont, Kenilworth, Wynberg, Plumstead, Pinelands, Diep River, Tokai, Kirstenhof, Lakeside, Bergvliet, Meadowridge and Constantia

    Atlantic Seaboard

    Hout Bay, Llandudno, Bakoven, Clifton, Sea Point, Green Point, Camps Bay, Mouille Point and Fresnaye

    Cape Town

    Cape Town, Cape Town CBD, Foreshore, Waterfront, Vredehoek, Gardens, Tamboerskloof, Oranjezicht, Devils Peak, De Waterkant and Woodstock


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