It’s the new year and resolutions are being made. Most resolutions are unrealistic and hard to keep, so why not start 2022 with an easy resolution?

Why not resolve to have your plumbing system checked from top to bottom by our team of professional plumbers in Cape Town, using state-of-the-art equipment and creating minimal disturbance to your home or business.

Catching plumbing issues before they become big expensive problems will save you time and money in the long run.

Drain Cleaning and maintenance 

Blockages are easily cleared if caught early. The most common causes of blocked drains are; tree roots, fats/oils/grease (FOG), flushable wipes, feminine hygiene products, pipe scale, hair, and food. Largely due to misinformation, most households wash warm fat and grease down the drain, which accumulates on the walls of your pipes, leading to blockages.

There may be other factors that are causing your drains to become blocked, such as the fall of your pipes or undersized sewer piping. Using a professional plumbing company’s drain cleaning service is vital to assess the cause of your blocked drains, thus ensuring your drain cleaning is dealt with quickly and affordably. We use a variety of cleaning nozzles and spinners that allow our plumbers to tackle and clean fat, sand, debris, or root-infested drains in and around Cape Town. 

So why should you use professional plumbers to clean your drains?

Professional plumbing companies can save you a lot of time and money by assessing the severity of the blockage. They will be able to take the necessary action required to ensure that the blockage doesn’t escalate using state of the art camera inspection and High-Pressure Hydro Jetting equipment. Searching the internet for “Drain Cleaning Cape Town”? Book with our professional plumbers today to have your pipes and drains thoroughly and expertly checked for blockages, leaks, or even breaks. Our team over at Absolute Plumbing are known for our attention to detail when it comes to Drain Cleaning. Here’s what sets us apart:

We Use Modern Technology

With the use of high-resolution CCTV drain cameras, our professional plumbing team will be able to determine the exact cause of blocked drains and provide you with an accurate report before any work commences. 

We Are A Team Of Informed Plumbing Professionals

Let our specialised drain cleaning team educate you on best practices to avoid your drains becoming blocked in the future.

We Work Efficiently 

Our drain cleaning machine will effectively clean any sewer or stormwater drain ranging from 50mm to 200mm in diameter. Our drain cleaning machinery allows for a cost-effective and efficient cleaning capacity as our jets clean their way through pipes at a pressure of 220psi.

We Aim To Prevent Future Problems

Our plumbers take the time to track and trace underground networks that could become the cause of future blockages in your home or office.

To Us Nothing Is Impossible!

We’re not afraid to get down and dirty and inspect any drain, any place, at any time!

Root Intrusion Causing Drain Blockages

Methods We Use To Clear Drains

  • High-Pressure Hydro Jetting

Our professional plumbers will insert a specialised hose with a jet nozzle attached to the drain that needs cleaning, water is then sprayed through the jet nozzle at very high pressure (between 1500 and 5000 psi). This dislodges debris, fats/oils/grease, or any object obstructing the pipe. This effective drain cleaning solution will remove all blockages and leave you with beautifully clean drains.

  • Rotary machine cleaning

A specialised hose with spring-loaded blades attached at the end is inserted into your blocked pipes, when the machine is turned on the blades rotate at a great speed to break up and flush out any stubborn blockages. This drain cleaning method is very effective in removing roots and compact waste from blocked drains in your home or office. We will also advise you if there is a nearby plant or tree that is prone to invasive behavior and may harm your pipes in the future.

We clear debris and tree roots from wastewater systems and stormwater lines using a range of technological marvels. We also make use of the Miller Tools to grind away even the most stubborn drain blockages. 

To Conclude

Our professional plumbers will handle every aspect of the job including digging trenches, relaying pipes, refilling the trenches, and re-laying brick paving/tarring, where necessary. We are committed to leaving your home or office in a cleaner state than when we found it, giving you peace of mind that Absolute Plumbing Cape Town will get your drains up and running with as little disruption to your home or office, as possible.

Still, searching for Drain Cleaners in Cape Town? Call us today, we’re here to help!

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